The Aerospace Employees’ Association offers employees (spouses and Air Force personnel; military and civilian are also encouraged to join) the opportunity to participate in many recreational activities. Contact club presidents for club information, meeting dates, events and other pertinent information.

The Aerospace Employees’ Association (AEA) was organized in late 1960 in El Segundo, California for the purpose of coordinating recreational, social, and service activities for all Aerospace Corporation, Air Force, and civil service personnel.

The AEA is a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation organized under the Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law.

The AEA has five categories of membership:

  • Category M1 – Any individual employed by an organizational element of the General Offices, The Aerospace Corporation, El Segundo, California, automatically becomes a member of the AEA effective upon the date of employment.
  • Category M2 – Member status may be retained by those employees who, for reasons of age or service, are retired from The Aerospace Corporation. Section 3. Associate Members (Category A)
  • Category A1 – The spouse and/or children of any category M1 or M2 member.
  • Category A2 – Any military or civil service person working in the County of Los Angeles and permanently assigned to or attached to Space Division (SD) at LAAFB automatically becomes an Associate Member upon becoming a dues paying member of an officially recognized AEA club.
  • Category A3 – All others. Includes ex-employees, retired Air Force or civil service, friends, relatives, outsiders from other companies, etc. Such persons may become A3 Associate Members by becoming dues paying members of an officially recognized AEA club.