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The Aerospace Employees Association Golf Club schedules approximately tournaments each year at golf courses in Southern California, with weekend tournaments in locations such as Palm Springs and San Diego. To join, please complete the membership information, including your membership category and your preference for notification of club events. Please select the appropriate form below, fill it in, print it, and return with a check for the appropriate dues. Please be sure to initial and date the "AEA Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement" portion. This is required by the Aerospace Employees Association who sponsor for the Golf Club.

Form:Use this form if you are:
Membership RenewalCurrently an AEA Golf Club member and are renewing your membership.
New MembershipA new AEA Golf Club member.
Single Event Guest Membership A non-member (you must pay a $3 one-day or $5 three-day membership dues).
AEA WaiverAEA Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement

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