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Los Serranos Country Club - South Course, Chino, CA
Saturday, March 10, 2018

Grp Time Name Flt Hcp BB Sk
1 0851 Ed Sakaguchi B 29 xxx x
    Gene Hellie B 30 xxx x
    Ray Gordon A 21 xxx x
    Dennis Sankey BB 29 xxx x
2 0900 John Wargnier A 23 x x
    Tom Hopp A 24 x x
    Henry Arnold (Forward Tees) A 16 - -
3 0908 Lynn Jervik B 26 xxx x
    Lamar Jervik B 29 xxx x
    Frank Paour A 17 xxx x
    Dave Hamdorf A 9 xxx x
4 0916 Ron Ross A 20 xx x
    Don Wilson A 19 xx x
    Tony Lam A 13 xx x
    Clint Crawford O - - -
5 0924 Fren Goree A 18 xxx x
    Lloyd Jones A 21 xxx x
    Jan Prazak B 41 xxx x
    Nancy Butler A- 19 xxx x
6 0933 Gary Yoshiki A 23 xxx x
    Anil Kashyap B 33 xxx x
    Steve Hobbs B 30 xxx x
    Haig Barsegian B 24 xxx x
7 0942 Mike Oller (Riding Only?) B 43 xxx x
    Tammy Oller B 47 xxx x
    Blaine Bowman B 25 xxx x
    Diane Bowman B 37 xxx x

Pace of Play Tip of the Day
Play “ready golf” whenever possible. Focus on the group in front of you, the group behind you will take care of themselves. Know when you can play, be ready with your club selection, and plan your shot while getting to your ball.

Los Serranos Country Club (Course | Weather | Map)
15656 Yorba Ave, Chino, CA 91709
Pro Shop: 909-597-1711
Los Serranos South
  • Directions:
    From Los Angeles - Pomona Freeway (60) to Highway 71; South to Soquel Canyon Parkway; West to Los Serranos Country Club Drive; right to club, or,
    From Orange Co. & South Bay - Riverside Freeway (91) to Highway 71 North to Soquel Canyon Parkway; West to Los Serranos Country Club Drive; right to club.
  • Summer USGA Rules. Play it as it lies!
  • Men Play White (72.5/133 at 6716 yards) Tees; Women Play Gold (74.9/131 at 6055) Tees. Men playing Gold tees (69.4/122 at 6055).
  • Flights are based on index.
  • 90% Handicap for Best Ball; 60% Handicap for Skins.
  • Turn in score cards to Jan Prazak at the course.
  • Closest to the pin on par 3's, last group pick up markers and return to Jan.
  • Handicap Information

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