Mar 2018 Mtg Minutes

Aerospace Radio Club meeting, 29 Mar 2018
A3, Room 1607B, 11:30-12:30

Attendance: Kirk Crawford, Ching Kong, Steve Schmidt, William Cox, Yvette Smith, Margot Wasz, Bob Lanahan
Skype: Michael Stanitis, Robert Cell, Victor Lin

Unfortunately, no audio was recorded of the meeting

I. Kirk (radio club president) made a presentation.

Notes taken to supplement Kirk’s Presentation.
1. New club members have on-line training available to them.
2. Michael and Victor are interested in the radio’s that Kirk is giving away. Both are welcome to pick up the radios from Kirk’s office when they wish.
3. Field day is Sat, 11am 23 Jun to Sunday, 11am 24 Jun. We will start setup at 8am.
4. Kirk plans to attend field day this year, he is taking position requests.
5. Bob is interested in Message Handling, see the charts for the list of positions.
6. The next club meeting is 26 April.

Space Weather and HF Propagation – February 2018 Meeting


  • Tom Essenpreis KB9ENS
  • Archie Buchanan KD6OLH
  • Tracie Hall KM6PTN
  • Don Hall
  • Andrew Wimmer KD0FTK
  • Luke Golladay KM6LGS
  • Steve Schmidt
  • Michael Gorlick KF6YYV
  • Judy Kerner KK6GCB
  • Kirk Crawford KK6KC
  • Boyd Carter
  • Ryan Noguchi AI6DO
  • Wayne Wheeler W6AHH
  • Jeanne McGraw
  • Ching Kong KJ6QBI

We had a wonderful presentation by Dr Tamitha Skov on Space Weather and HF Propagation

Here is a PDF of her slides
We did try the Skype audio on this meeting and it worked well.

Unfortunately the audio recording did not happen.  Sorry.

Jan 2018 Mtg Minutes

Aerospace Radio club meeting, 25 Jan 2018
Room 1607B, 11:30-12:30

Attendance: Kirk Crawford, Teresa Moore, Joe Barger,
Tom Essenpreis, Don Hall, Steve Schmidt and Bob Lanahan

8 mins of meeting audio is available <click here>

I. Kirk (radio club president) made a presentation.
Here are Kirk’s charts 2018-01 Meeting Slides

Notes taken to supplement Kirk’s presentation.
1. New club members have on-line training available to them.
2. $5K is the club budget this year
3. Joe installed remote desktop in Radio Shack in D8, more on this            topic later.
4. Goal to have A2 antenna purchased this year.
5. Kirk asked if we need any purchases for field day. Discussed
6. Kirk charts include ARRL Grid chase, good for FT8, he’s near
the top 1,000 chasers

II. Tom presented his briefing on Magnetic Loop Antenna
Here are the charts  Mag Loop – 26 Jan 2018

Notes taken to supplement Tom’s presentation.
1. Went thru his charts and excel spread-sheet
2. Tom’s briefing was very interactive, there were a lot of
questions, and overall it was a great presentation.
3. His capacitor is rated between 11-93 picofarads
4. His antenna tunes between 13 – 19 Mhz

III. Joe (radio club treasurer) presented his remote desktop set-up.
1. His surface was connected to the D8 shack computer, running
FT8, connected to the K3 radio.
2. He is using DxLab and remote desktop VPN.
3. Joe wants to get an internet controlled power strip, cost ranges
between $200 and $500.

Meeting photos
1. Tom and Don with Magnetic Loop Antenna

2. Joe and Kirk – remote connection

3. Joe’s remote connection running FT8

December Christmas Party Update

We had our annual Christmas Party at the Proud Bird on December 11, 2017.

Here is a link to the slides.

15 members attended:

  1. Don Hall KK6DCX
  2. Joseph Fares
  3. Joseph Pham AB6TK
  4. Bernard Yoo KI6NVD
  5. Tom Essenpreis KB9ENS
  6. Ryan Noguchi AI6DO
  7. Victor Lin KK6RZO
  8. Don Taylor K6DA
  9. Teresa Moore AG60D
  10. Albert Leong KD6NSE
  11. Philip Martzen KK6PSA
  12. Bob Lanahan KK6WYW
  13. Wayne Wheeler W6AHH
  14. Tracie Hall
  15. Kirk Crawford KK6KC

The food was great.  We had BBQ Brisket.  The election was held, and the only change is Bob Lanahan is our new club secretary.  Thank you Teresa for your service.  Welcome Bob!

The raffle was held and the prizes where thus:

  • $300 Don Taylor
  • $200 Philip Martzen
  • $100 Joe Barger
  • $50 Don Hall
  • $50 Bernie Yoo
  • $50 Teresa Moore
  • $50 Bob Lanahan

Joseph Fares and Tracie Hall are new members to the club.

In the new year we will have a presentation at the January club meeting by Tom on his home-built magnetic loop antenna.  Great to use for those of you in HOA communities.

In February, we will have a presentation by Tamitha Skov, about Space Weather and how it interacts with HF Propagation.

A special thanks goes to Don Hall for organizing the event.  Thanks Don!


Happy Holidays !



July 27, 2017 AEA Amateur Radio Club Meeting

AEA Amateur Radio Club meeting was held at 11:30 am on 7/27/17.  

Ten people were in attendance, two of whom joined at this meeting:

  • Teresa Moore AG6OD
  • Don Hall KK6DCX
  • Kirk Crawford KK6KC
  • Tom Essenpreis KB9ENS
  • Ryan Noguchi AI6DO
  • Victor Lin KK6RZO
  • Bob Lanahan KK6WYW
  • NEW MEMBER Susan McCormack K6SUZ
  • NEW MEMBER Wayne Wheeler  W6AHH
  • Joe Barger N6KK

 The meeting started with a report on this year’s Field Day and a discussion of what we should remember for next year.  Then we discussed the budget, including plans for upgrading the A2 shack HF radio and antenna.  Finally, HamCon is coming to Torrance this fall, September 15-17.  Besides interesting talks, there will be an opportunity for an added cost to tour the radio room on the battleship Iowa.  More information on all of these topics is available in the powerpoint presentation, which can be found on the club web site.

The meeting ended with a raffle.  All members including the new members received a free raffle ticket.  Victor won a Pixie transceiver, Don got the heat shrink tubing, Kirk got a helping hands tool, and Susan got the tape measure.

Wayne volunteered to do a presentation on his project to rebuild a 1928 HF radio.  He is on the calendar for the October meeting.

Teresa Moore

July 2017 Meeting Slides

January 2017 Meeting Minutes

Audio of the meeting:

    Members in attendance:

  • Kirk KK6KC
  • Teresa AG6OD
  • Bob KK6WYW

14 members have paid dues for 2017

Holiday reports:

Kirk talked about using APRS during his recent RV trip.  His system involved a little Bluetooth APRS tracker device, a radio, and an old phone running APRSdroid.

Tom did a SOTA hike and got at least 4 contacts.

Bob studied for his General license and takes the exam on Saturday.  He may do a SOTA hike after the exam.

New Business:

Bob needs a computer for the A2 shack.  Kirk will look into getting a redeployed system from the Aerospace loan pool.

Some of the radios in the A2 shack have issues.  One doesn’t tune and another doesn’t receive well but seems to transmit OK using a 10 m horizontal dipole on the penthouse roof.  We may want to put an inverted V dipole on the penthouse.

Antenna survey for the A2 shack will take place Thursday Feb 2 at 1 pm for antenna planning.

    Upcoming Events:

  • 1/28-29 Winter Field Day
  • 1/28  Montana QSO party
  • 1/28 TRW swap meet
  • 2/4 Palm Springs Hamfest
  • 2/4 Vermont QSO party
  • 2/17-18 Yuma Hamfest
  • 6/24-25 Field Day (Kirk will be out of town)

1st prize to Bob who picked the 40 m transceiver kit
2nd prize to Kirk who picked the heat shrink tubing set
3rd prize to Teresa  who got the diagonal cutters

2016 Christmas Party

Audio File of the meeting:

Christmas Party Attendees

Radio Club Christmas Party 2016

13 people in attendance.

Kirk highlighted 2016 accomplishments:

  • Morning net done at 8 am usually by Ching, sometimes by Clark or Teresa; El Segundo repeater was down for a while so we used the Hughes repeater until it got fixed
  • HF net nearly every month, several successes; starting to add digital modes
  • Ham-It-Forward was successful; Tom passed his general exam and Jason, Gerrit, and Anthony got the tech packages; two tech packages are still available. We voted to get another set for next year.
  • Field Day was a success, with 5 people, 25 contacts, 4 hours on the air, 10 hours total; next year we may try SSB on 2 m
  • Octoberfest: Tom and Bob demonstrated PSK and JT65, Anthony Lim won the radio
  • CERT event: many lessons learned, our capability to support the company in the event of disaster was improved

Election of officers:  No one else wanted to volunteer so the slate of officers remains the same, Kirk as President, Don as VP, Joe as treasurer, and Teresa as secretary.

Raffle Winners:

  •  $300 Jess
  • $200 Albert
  • $100 Don Hall
  • $50 Archie
  • $50 Bob
  • $50 Don Taylor
  • $50 Teresa

Meetings for next year:

  •                 January:  Tom, Winlink presentation
  •                 March:  Tom/Bob, SOTA presentation
  •                 April:  Bob, APRS presentation
  •                 May:  Field Day Prep
  •                 July:  Field Day Review
  •                 September:  Bob, 2m tape measure antenna (everyone builds one during the meeting)

August 17: the astronomy club is going to Rexburg, Idaho to watch the eclipse, we could partner with them

Merry Christmas Everyone!

November 17, 2016 Meeting


Members in attendance:

  • Kirk  KK6KC
  • Ryan  AI6DO
  • Tom  KB9ENS
  • Teresa AG6OD
  • Don KK6DCX
  • Joe N6KK

A2 shack:  a Hy-Gain model 18AVQII 5-band vertical was found in the A2 shack.  It covers 10, 15, 20, 40, and 80 meters.  It will need a radial kit and a mast and guys, some of which may or may not be in the shack.  If not, we need to purchase them.  Bob is in charge of this project.  At some point in the future we may have a lunchtime antenna raising project.

A3 shack:  needs an HF antenna, which must be purchased by security on our recommendation.  Our starting recommendation is a rooftop tower and beam as the most useful in an emergency situation if we want to reach Colorado or Chantilly.  Club members should research tower/beam options and make recommendations for our next meeting.  May want to go with the STEP-IR antenna.

Christmas Party:  Don gave a report on the Christmas party preparations.  The Proud Bird is undergoing renovations so we will have the Aerospace cafeteria cater the party.  The party will be December 8 in A1/1029 A/B.  RSVP by Dec 4 so we can order the right amount of food.  We use the same rules for the raffle as last year.

Club member reports:  Various members reported on what they have been doing in the hobby.  Ryan just installed a new security system in his house and now has to deal with RFI issues.  Tom has been making a lot of packet contacts and will be taking his Extra exam on Saturday.  Joe just put up a Step-IR vertical at home and now has to install radials.  Kirk was recently in Hawaii and made a lot of JT65 contacts, getting 18 countries as far as Namibia and Sri Lanka.

D8 shack:  80 m vertical antenna was damaged in the windstorms last year.  Joe wondered if we should fix it or take it down.  Given that it is our only 80 m capability at the moment, Kirk suggested that we fix it.

Tom is the W6AGO custodian for Logbook of the World, so let him know if there are any contacts he should log.

Raffle:  Kirk won a flashlight, Don got a multimeter, Ryan got a tape measure, and Teresa got a 4-in-1 screwdriver.  Kirk ordered a secret set of super-special prizes for the January meeting so be sure to come to the January meeting to be eligible to win.