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Los Amigos Golf Course, Downey, CA
Saturday, July 29, 2017

Grp Time Name Flt Hcp BB Sk
1 0930 Dean Rollins A 2 - x
    Ray Allen A 14 xxx x
    Richard Rodriguez B 26 xxx x
    Nancy Butler A 19 xxx x
2 0938 Ray Gordon A 18 xxx x
    Dennis Sankey B 24 xxx x
    Ed Sakaguchi B 24 xxx x
    Fred Shimabukuro A 16 xxx x
3 0946 Haig Barsegian A 19 xxx x
    Eric Kinder A 13 xxx x
    Joe DeGrasse A 13 xxx x
    Kyle Scott A 12 xxx x
4 0954 Don Wilson A 16 xxx x
    Tony Lam A 11 xxx x
    Ronald Ross A 17 xxx x
5 1002 Marke Beasley B 21 xxx x
    Dan Zink B 23 xx x
    Bill Dinsley B 21 xx x
6 1010 Jan Prazak B 35 xxx x
    Gary Yoshiki A 18 xxx x
    Glen Brewer B 32 xxx x
7 1018 Diane Bowman B 34 xxx x
    Blaine Bowman B 22 xxx x
    Mike Oller B 37 xxx x
    Tammy Oller B 46 xxx x

Pace of Play Tip of the Day
Read the local rule sheet (back of score card). Know what tees you are using, where the drop areas are, and how the hole locations are determined. Have your scorecards prepared, golf balls marked, ball mark repair tool and tees handy, and your shoes on.

Los Amigos Golf Course (Course | Weather | Map)
7295 Quill Drive, Downey, CA 90242
Pro Shop: 562-923-9696
Los Amigos
  • Directions:
    Take the Long Beach Fwy (I-710) to Imperial Hwy; exit and go east to Old River School Rd.; then north to Quill Dr.; and finally left to course.
  • Summer USGA Rules. Play it as it lies!
  • Men Play White (67.5/115 at 5778 yards) Tees; Women Play Red (71.1/121 at 5443) Tees.
  • Flights are based on index.
  • 90% Handicap for Best Ball; 60% Handicap for Skins.
  • Turn in score cards to Jan Prazak at the course.
  • Closest to the pin on par 3's, last group pick up markers and return to Jan.
  • Handicap Information
     2 - 19
     21 - up

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